The Fantastic Five Vegan Food Stops in Branson

Being a Vegan, you will have all the more reasons to visit Missouri because there are plenty of vegan food stops in Branson that you should try. If you think you can’t convert your diet into a fantastically enjoyable experience, your trip to Branson, MO, might just change that. Hop on and check out our hotlist!


Mellow Mushroom

If you ever find yourself wandering around Branson Landing, it’s less likely for you not to notice the Mellow Mushroom restaurant. It’s one of the newest eclectic restaurants that opened in this city. Their stone-baked pizzas are not something you’d want to pass on during your food trip adventure. You can personally request for a gluten-free and vegan pizza recipe paired with handcrafted cocktails to your liking. Join the club of satisfied customers with Mellow Mushroom’s fantastic customer service and high-quality food.

If you’re bringing a non-vegan buddy, Mellow Mushroom also serves craft beer and sumptuous calzones— probably the best calzones you’ll find in all of Branson.


Pie Five Pizza

pie five

Do you want more Pizza? Sure thing! Pie Five Pizza serves round, sliced, delicious Pizza that will make you go crazy after every bite. If you want yours to be vegan, it would be their kitchen’s pleasure to let you have it just the way you want it. You can have unlimited toppings of veggies and spices that will impress your palate. Fresh ingredients and tasty food will come your way in just a matter of minutes. As Pie Five Pizza would say, “only 5 minutes to be exact!”

Can you resist that? Nah, no one can! This restaurant is one of Branson’s proud vegan food stops. Don’t forget to try it. You won’t regret it.


Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is a family-friendly and vegan-friendly food chain in Branson. Their Italian recipes will change the way you look at vegan food that the whole family can actually enjoy without hearing the kids complain. Not even a word! Everyone’s tummy will get full of their perfectly-made pasta and freshly-baked breadsticks, served by their lovely staff. Your standards will surely aim higher once you have a taste of their handmade dishes, combined with their heartfelt service.


Cherry Berry

Yogurt? Cherry Berry!

Vegan? Cherry Berry!

Instead of cow’s milk, Cherry Berry uses coconut milk in making their yogurt desserts. And the taste? It’s nothing like other yogurts you’ve ever tasted. The yumminess is there, with a special twist of healthy milk and fruity flavors. Vegan dessert lovers would love to have a taste of this unique vegan food stop in Branson. Get served up by Cherry Berry’s welcoming and helpful staff. If you’re looking to cool down, drop-in, and take your pick from the best-frozen dessert store on the planet!


Revive Juice Co.

revive juice

Try the most satisfying, fresh, and nutritious raw-pressed juices in Branson only from Revive Juice Co. They have coffee, pastries, blended smoothies, and more. Healthy is the word that their menu shouts out loud. If you wish to cleanse all the bad stuff you’ve been eating during your travel— no offense meant, this is the place for you.

Even though you need to stick with “healthy,” you can still satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings without ultimately putting your body at risk. You are free to customize your smoothie bowl with your favorite stuff. For your smoothies and juices, stay confident because they don’t contain sugar, preservatives, or any additives. Everything at Revive Juice Co. is right for your body. They can even guide you to your road to a healthy revival. Just ask anyone from their staff, and they would be glad to serve you.


More Vegan Restaurant in Branson

If you look closer and stay longer, you will definitely enjoy all of the vegan restaurants that you can find in Branson, MO.

If you wish to set early reservations, go to, and you will find all the highly-rated vegan food places in the city.

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