The Best Healthy Foods For Stress Management

Stress might seem harmless at first, but the effects can be very taxing to the point that it can affect your physical health and emotional well-being in a negative way.

In fact, short-term stress can cause headaches, colds, stomach cramps, and weight gain, while chronic stress can lead to obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular ailments.

Fortunately, there are many ways to fight off stress. And one of the most effective methods of coping stress is to eat right.

And if you’re interested to know more and make a positive change in your life today, then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to discuss the best healthy foods for stress management in today’s health guide.

Fight Stress With Healthy Food Options

comfort foods healthy foods stress managementMost of us are familiar with the term “comfort food”, but the thing is it often refers to unhealthy eats.

What most of us don’t realize is that food can make or break us as it can affect the nerves that control our mood, emotion, and motivation.

Therefore it is important that we find comfort in choosing the right foods that can lower down our body’s stress levels starting today.

Some healthy foods for healthy management are as follows:

Herbal Tea – Drinking a hot cup of herbal tea promotes feelings of interpersonal warmth and calmness. You always feel that soothing effect every time you sip tea, especially if the flavor of the tea is lavender or chamomile as these herbs are known to provide a sense of calmness and relaxation to our mind and body.

Whole Grains – According to a research published in (carbohydrate ingestion, blood glucose and mood), consuming carbohydrates have been proven to temporarily increase serotonin (the hormone that controls our mood) levels in the brain. Likewise, serotonin also enhances your focus and concentration. Just be sure to choose healthy carb sources like whole grains and sweet potatoes for better nutrition.

Dark Chocolate – This food fights stress in 2 ways: first, it relieves your stress by providing emotional indulgence (it makes you feel happy) and then second is that it contains antioxidants to combat free radicals that cause heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

avocado salad healthy foods stress managementIn addition, antioxidants can also lower stress hormones in the body.

Avocados – This fruit is considered as a “superfood” because the omega-3 fatty acids are known to anxiety and stress, improved mood, and boost concentration.

And aside from that, it also contains essential nutrients and fiber to decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome, which is a condition associated with obesity and high blood pressure.

Salmon – And last on this list of best health foods for stress management is a staple in most health discussions, salmon.

In an article published in (Harvard Health Blog), fatty fish like salmon contain omega-3 and other nutrients that interact with the mood molecules in the brain to ease depression and stress.

And you can even expand your seafood options by adding halibut, tuna, mackerel, and sardines into the mix as these fishes also provide the same stress-relieving effect.

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