Healthy Eating Can Be Achieved With Juicing

Food is a many-splendored thing. And sometimes, we tend to indulge in food choices that don’t really provide clear nutritional benefits. So if you want to start eating healthy foods but don’t know where to start, then perhaps we can offer a fantastic solution that will effectively kick start your way to healthy living – and that is through juicing.

Learn more as we are going to tackle how healthy eating can be achieved with juicing in today’s health guide.

Juicing Explained

Juicing is basically the process of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables to maximize the consumption of vitamins, micro, and macronutrients in these foods. The extraction of juice from produce is done using a machine called a juicer. And unlike a blender, it squeezes out all the juice to the last and leaving most of the plant fibers behind.

How Is It Classified As A Healthy Food?

Most health experts categorized juicing as part of healthy eating because it works just as similar to traditional consumption of fruits and vegetables. The only difference is that you are only eliminating the solid part of the food (plant fibers) and go directly to the good stuff.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the pulp as you can still make use of these leftovers and turn them into juicer pulp recipes like the juicer pulp burger, carrot cheesecake, fruity beet balls, and etc.

What Can Juicing Do To Your Body?

benefits of juicing

  1. It Gives More Energy – Juicing lets you to absorb key nutrients and allow you to save more energy as your body won’t have to spend more time processing the fruit and vegetable fibers in your tummy.
  2. It Aids In Proper Digestion – Eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables just to get enough nutrients can be hard to digest. But juicing enables you to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals from 12 apples, 8 pounds of spinach, and 2 pounds of carrots without having to eat more.
  3. Antioxidants And Detoxification – Juicing aids in the natural detoxification process so your body can flush out more toxins. Also, the juices contain antioxidants that are essential in counteracting the damage caused by free radicals and the prevention of molecule oxidation.

What Do You Need For Juicing?

For best results, you have to invest a good juicer machine as they can process the entire fruit, from the rind to the seeds. There are 3 types of juicers on the market right now and these are centrifugal, masticating, and triturating. You only have to consider the respective pros and cons of these devices in order to find the right juicer according to your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

When done right, juicing can serve as an efficient method of healthy eating. Even so, it should only be considered as a supplement and not as a replacement as you still need to eat at least 2-4 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. So try juicing today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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