How to Get Rid Of Weeds: Gardening 101

If it’s your first time to encounter weeds growing in your garden, you must feel frustrated with finding ways to get rid of them. The thing is, everything you need to beat off these weeds can be found right in your home. And, there are a few doable ways to remove them.

Read on, and find out for yourself.


Home Remedies for Weed Removal

Here are three kitchen ingredients that you can use to get rid of garden weeds.



This ingredient works best on dandelions and other common weeds that grow in backyards and gardens. Directly spray either white vinegar or apple cider on the weed stems and let it soak. Make sure not to water the weed areas, or the vinegar you sprayed will wash off. If it gets wet with rain, don’t forget to give it another try.

Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on areas where weeds are probably going to sprout. The sodium compound will repel them from growing.


Undiluted bleach also works for the prevention or drying up of growing weeds on unwanted places in your yard.


Five Easy Steps To Get Rid of Weeds


Say goodbye to the thick layer of unwanted weeds by following a few quick steps.

Place Your Kind of Mulch

Using a natural weed barrier, such as mulch, will prevent the weeds from thriving in your garden. Putting up around two to three inches of weed barrier is enough to keep them from crawling through your garden plants. They’re not even going to sprout!

You can choose from straws, stones, pebbles, bricks, or grass clippings as your natural weed barriers. However, you must also consider how it can affect the soil and the plants during the process.

If you’re dealing with existing weeds, there are other ways to deal with them.

Cut The Heads

Cutting the heads of weeds will keep them from spreading. Pruning loppers are best for several weeds in a small garden. You can use garden shears for a moderately sized garden that is covered mostly with shrubs and grasses.

If there’s only a few of them yet, this could be easy. But, if there are bunches of them already, you have to think of other options.

Set a Water Perimeter

Leave marks that will set up a perimeter when watering your garden plants. By depriving weeds of water, you are also leaving them thirsty, which will eventually cause them to die. Your plants are going to benefit from having less competition for water supply.

Let Them Dry Up

Without water, these weeds will slowly dry up, especially when under extreme heat. Even though the weather’s not that hot, they are still going to need the right amount of water for survival.

The truth is, you can do something about them even after the rain. You can face the weeds down to the ground by pressing. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves when doing this.

Pull Out

When they’re dried up, they’re much easier to get raked off the ground and away from your beautiful garden.


Gardening Needs

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