2018’s Best Diabetic Meal Kit Delivery Services

For diabetics, the key for controlling blood sugar levels is by having a lean meal plan. But sticking to the plain diabetic meal plan can be boring and challenging at the same time as you are eating the same recipes and at times you lack the time to go to the grocery and prepare all the ingredients that you need. And it gets even more difficult if you are dealing with a diabetic child who’s a picky eater or an insulin-deficient husband with certain preferences in food.

Good thing there are meal kit delivery companies that offer healthy food choices to manage diabetes nowadays. These services are the ideal go-to option for diabetics who want to get rid of all the stresses associated with calorie counting, carb counting, managing food intake, and the dreaded issue involved in the food preparation. And in this entry, we are going to share the best diabetic meal kit delivery services that you can order online this 2018.

Home Chef

Home Chef has been long regarded as a primary diabetic-friendly meal service option on the internet these days. They are known for finding recipes that are suitable for your eating habits without modifying your diabetic dietary restrictions. Home Chef even has a diabetic-friendly smoothie section to cater to diabetics who want to eat something sweet after a hearty meal. Moreover, the site also has a profiling feature so they can send meal kits based from the past food recipes in your kitchen.

Sun Basket

This company offers diabetic meal kit delivery foods that are made from organic, fresh, and sustainable ingredients. What’s even more impressing is that their plethora of diabetic-friendly meals is prepared by a renowned chef.


plated logo

This meal delivery service has a wide range of menu ideas and recipes that are suited for strict diets such as a diabetic meal plan. From organic-raised meats to peak-season produce, you can be assured of eating only the best quality of food. Plated also has a user-friendly method of searching recipes according to types, ingredients, diet plan, and even calorie type.


And finally, this company is ideal for vegetarian diabetics as they offer wholesome vegetarian, nut-free, gluten-free recipes. And the best part about their site aside from their service is that when you browse at the pics of each of their recipes, you can also read a snippet about the taste and flavor of that particular recipe. They also have this specific “fit plan” option that lets you choose on any diabetic meal kit delivery foods for only 650 calories(perfect for diabetics who want to be fit).

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