7 Eye-Opening Facts About Coffee

Starting a day with a hot cup of coffee is a common practice that most people do in different nations around the world. And while our love affair with this beverage has existed for centuries, there are some things we still don’t know about coffee that is worth knowing.

It’s true, coffee gives us a much-needed energy boost, and that drinking a cup of coffee daily can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and liver diseases. But did you know that coffee was once banned in the holiest place in the Middle East, which is a region where most coffee consumers reside? And that certain parts of Asia drink coffee that is made from the dung of a specific mammal?

If you’re interested to know more, then we invite you to read further as we’ll tackle the 7 eye-opening facts about coffee in today’s post.


The Second Largest Commodity In The Whole World

Coffee is consumed in great quantities in different countries that it stands second most consumed beverage next to water. Aside from that, today’s worldwide coffee industry is worth $100 billion that it is only surpassed by crude oil, which is a commodity that is often considered as “liquid gold”

Banned In Mecca

In 1511, coffee was banned in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, just right after it was discovered in Ethiopia. And that’s because the governor believed this beverage to be as intoxicating as wine that it can stimulate radical thinking and cause an uprising. Likewise, it was also believed that coffee promotes idleness.

Financed Olympic Athletes

During the 1932 Olympics, Brazil struggled to send its athletes to Los Angeles because of the lack of funds. So their government sent a shipment full of coffee to the United States to finance their athlete’s trip.

Terribly Grounded Coffee Can Be A Ground For Divorce

Going back to Saudi Arabia, it is said that Arab women can file for a divorce if her husband fails to bring freshly ground coffee to their household every morning. And apparently this ancient practice is still being followed to this day.

Civet Coffee, A Luxuriously Absurd Delicacy

In some Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, they have this coffee blend which is made from the partially digested coffee beans that were defecated by the civet cat. And they love consuming this type of drink because the fermentation process in the animal’s stomach intensifies the flavor of the beans, which is now sold at a whopping $100 per kilogram.

Satanic Espresso

During the 1500s, clergymen labeled espresso as a ‘satanic drink’ for unclear reasons and demanded that it should be banned. However, Pope Clement VIII drank a cup and decided to ‘baptize’ the beverage instead, which toppled the clergymen’s plans for banning this now popular drink.

A Cup Of Coffee Everyday For A Year Or A Brand New iPhone X

Apparently, Americans spend an average of $1092 every year on coffee. That’s roughly $20 a week, which is also as close as the price of the newest model of iPhone unit, the iPhone X. And amazingly, this fact applies to younger generations because they are the ones who love hanging out at coffee shops than older folks according to survey.

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