What To Look For And How To Label Cannabis Edibles

The consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes is expanding. And as various cannabis products have been developed and introduced to the general public, proper labeling is also necessary to ensure safe usage and to prevent the consumer from ingesting more marijuana than they have to. Also, labels in marijuana products are important to inform the user to keep it out of children’s reach and unaware adults who mistook this medication as regular food, snack, or beverage.

Read more as we are going to share the information on what to look for and how to label cannabis edibles in today’s post.


What Should Be Indicated On Cannabis Labels?

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The labeling and packaging of marijuana products vary from one state to another. And due to the difference in regulations, cannabis edibles have unique labels. Cannabis dispensaries are also required to strictly follow these laws regardless if they are selling flowers, waxes, edibles, oils, and tinctures.

To be specific, labels must conform to the regulations set by the state and that each label is only meant for a particular product, although they have slight minimal dissimilarities from one another. However, the marijuana labels should indicate the following details:

  • The recommended dosage size
  • The amount of cannabis in the product
  • CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels
  • Testing date
  • Ingredients other than marijuana

Some common marijuana labels also feature these additional specifics:

  • Manufacturer’s name, address, and contact information
  • Manufacturing date
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutritional information
  • Unique ID or Batch Number
  • Expiration date

How Cannabis Products Should Be Labeled?

Although state laws require cannabis products and edibles to include vital information, the way it should be displayed may vary from every dispensary. In particular, some states may oblige facilities to provide more product information than others like if the cannabis edible is free from contaminants and the latest date of testing. Regardless, whatever information is included should ALWAYS be presented in such a way that is clear and legible so consumers will be guided with the proper use of the product. Check out this link if you’re looking for state-specific marijuana labels.

Doze Size Or Portion

Unlike marijuana flower or concentrate, the potency of cannabis edibles is determined according to the present THC in milligrams while the amount of THC in other cannabis products is measured in percentage. So consumers should always check this information first and find out if the label also includes the number of servings as well.

As for the dosing, first time consumers are recommended to start with the smallest dose, about 1-2.5 milligrams but not exceeding 5 milligrams. That is why labels of cannabis edibles also display the amount to THC per serving size. So please pay close attention to this detail as you may have to break 1 serving size into bite-size pieces if it already exceeds the 5 milligrams limit for new users.

Always remember that the product will take effect after 1 1/2 hours after consuming the first serving. So be prepared to wait at least 2 hours before deciding to take another serving.

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