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Hartman's Fruit Tree Nursery
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades


EFFECTIVE 12/18/16


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Fruit trees - Apples, pears, plums, Asian pears, and cherries for your yard.

Apple trees on fence line

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Company Profile

Hartman's Fruit Tree Nursery specializes in fruit trees grown in Western Washington for Western Washington home growers.  Our trees are individually grafted to rootstocks and varieties that have been tested and proven to be compatible with our Puget Sound climate.  Unlike other nurseries, we do not carry marginal varieties.  If it won't thrive here, we don't have it.

Our trees are two to three years old and well developed in size and structure.  One year old trees are available for those that desire a younger tree or a variety that we have just begun to produce.

We are happy to answer your fruit growing questions and to help you select rootstocks and varieties that will best suit your current and future needs.

Our hours are Nov. 15-April 1 Monday thru Friday by appointment. Saturday's you may come without an appointment from 9:00 to dusk. By appointment before and after those dates listed. Closed Sundays.

Important Information

Hartman's Nursery is best organized to sell trees directly to the customer who can come to the nursery and take delivery of them.  We are not presently staffed to package and ship trees.  Many larger nurseries do provide shipping services.  They might be better prepared to meet your needs.


Contact Information

Hartman's Nursery is easy to find in the Puyallup Valley near Tacoma.  If you desire driving instructions or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We may be reached by phone, e-mail, or by regular mail as listed below.  Click on the Nursery Location Maps button above to get detailed maps on how to get to the nursery.

A section of the nursery

Fruit Pictures
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Postal address
713 - 21st Street SE, Puyallup, WA 98372-4758
Electronic mail
General Information or other support: info@hartmannursery.com



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